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Wi-Fi is now available at the pool and the pool house.  The network name is "Fision WiFi by Hotwire" and the password is "Pelicanlanding."


The Pool

The pool is available to all owners and their guests.  The pool and spa are heated geothermally by extracting heat from deep below the surface of the ground.

Please comply with the pool rules.  Guests on vacation should remember that the pool is an amemity provided for the owners of condominium units within The Reserve.  For many of these owners The Reserve is their full-time residence.  This is not a resort so please respect the privacy of others by refraining from the use loud music, curtailing raucous play, not using cell phones and not smoking within the pool area.  

Don't forget to bring your keys to the bathrooms as they are usually locked.



The Spa

Behind the pool is a spa for everyone's enjoyment.  This facility has a maximum temperature of 104 degrees.  For your health, use should be limited to 15 minutes.  Obviously, no diving.










The Pool House

Within the pool house is a community area with exercise machines and a table for playing cards and other games.  This area is kept locked so please turn off lights and lock the door when you leave. 

Outside the pool house is a bar area, refigerator and two propane-fueled barbecues.  Please clean-up after use and turn off the barbecues at the fuel supply.    






1.  Warning no lifeguard on duty
2.  No food or drink in pool
3.  Shower before entering pool
4.  The bathing load for this pool is 21 persons max
5.  NO animals in pool or on pool deck
6.  Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult
7.  Pool Hours:  dawn to dusk
8.  NO glass bottles or containers allowed in pool or on pool deck
9.  NO running, bike riding or ball playing allowed in the pool area
10.  Non-trained infants must require swim diapers
11.  NO large flotation devices
12.  NO smoking