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Parking Rules and Guidelines

  • Within The Reserve the speed limit is 15 mph. Please watch carefully for children, dog walkers, bicycles, and older folks.
  • Try to park your vehicle within your garage or in your driveway.
  • Visitor parking is for short term visitors.
  • The extra parking spaces located around the perimeter of the pool are not for long-term parking. 
  • Vehicles are not to be serviced in the driveways.

Waste Management

  • Across the road from the dumpster, you will find recycling bins.
  • Plastic bags should not be placed in recycling bins.
  • All garbage must be in plastic bags before depositing in the dumpster.
  • Please help us keep these areas neat and clean.
  • When discarding larger items such as TVs, appliances, etc., a pickup must be scheduled by calling Advanced Disposal at 239-334-1224 for a pickup number, time and place.  Do not put these items in the dumpster -- leave in the area near the car washing area.
  • Please notify the Property Manager at 239-261-3440 if the dumpster or recycling bins are full.

Pool Area / Spa Rules

  • In an emergency dial 911.
  • Warning no lifeguard on duty.
  • Depths are measured in feet.
  • The bathing load for this pool is 21 persons max.
  • Do not bring any glass items in or near the pool area.
  • Food should not be consumed in the pool.
  • No food or drinks allowed in the pool or spa.
  • Food to be eaten at tables or bar area only.
  • Please do not leave food in the refrigerator overnight.
  • Shower before entering the pool and/or spa.
  • Non-trained infants require swim diapers.
  • Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • No large flotation devices are allowed in pool.
  • No running, bike riding or ball playing allowed in the pool area.
  • No animals in spa, pool or in the pool area.
  • Those using the pool should respect the privacy of fellow users by keeping voices to a dull roar, using earphones for music devices and restricting loud noises, so fellow users can relax, read or even sleep.
  • No smoking or cell phone use in the pool area.
  • Washrooms are provided in the pool area, however, they are to remain locked when not in use.
  • Pregnant women, small children, people with health problems and people using alcohol or other drugs that cause drowsiness should not use spa and/or pool without first consulting a doctor.
  • Clean-up, pick-up, straighten chairs and close umbrellas after use. 
  • Close and lock the gate when you leave the pool area for the safety of young children.
  • Pool & spa hours are from Sunrise to Sunset to respect the privacy of owners located around the pool.


  • Bathing load for the spa is 5 persons.
  • For safety, the maximum use should be 15 minutes.
  • Children of diaper age are not allowed in the spa.
  • Set timer to zero if it is still on when you’re done using the spa.
  • Maximum water temp 104 degrees, 

Exercise Facilities

  • Properly shutdown the treadmill.
  • The thermostat should be set at 82 degrees and COOL.
  • Make sure both doors are locked.


  • We have two gas barbecues for 60 residents, so be ready to share the burners with your neighbors.
  • Please follow grill operating procedure listed on the right.


  • Dogs are the responsibility of their owners.
  • Owners should ensure that pets are well behaved and they should be properly cleaned-up after.

Useful Tidbits

  • Mailboxes are located on the side of the cabana next to the gated pool entrance.
  • An outgoing mailbox is located in the mailbox area.
  • A book lending library in located in the cabinet under the bar at the pool.
  • A car washing area is located next to the recycling.
  • Bulletin boards with useful information are located in two places: to the left of the mailboxes and to the right of the men’s bathroom.
  • Remember to take a bathroom key when you visit the pool area.


Use of Gas Grills


1. Main gas supply must be tured on.  The yellow valve is located at the back of grill.

2.  Grill cover must be open when lighting.

3.  Turn one of the burner control knobs to high position by pushing in the knob and turning it counter-clockwise.

4.  Push and hold ignitor button.  The burner should ingnite within 4 seconds.

5.  When grilling is complete, turn off burner(s) and the main gas supply.

6.  Please clean off grill surface with wire brush provided, clean off the grill area and remove all debris.